ELAPOR®-COLOR is a universal model paint for use on ABS, GRP, metal, wood and carefully matched to the special requirements of models with foam surfaces.

In conjunction with MULTIprimer these paints produce perfect results on EPP and Elapor Foam. Give your imagination free rein!
The impressive feature of these materials is their outstanding covering power. Generally one coat of colour paint is sufficient
to give a solid surface finish - saving money and weight as well as effort!
The paint is scratch-proof, and resistant to the effects of weathering and fuel.
The paint also adheres to all types of foam currently used in modelling, including those based on EPP, EPO and EPS, as
well as ABS, GRP, metal, wood and many other materials.
Particularly important: it remains flexible when cured.
Dries in around 24 hours at room temperature.

Supplied in 150ml spray cans.