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As an aspiring R/C pilot, you need an airplane that checks off a number of crucial boxes. You need it to be easy to fly and forgiving of basic errors. You'll want it to be tough, able to withstand some punishment, and you'll demand solid everyday reliability. In addition, a good flight duration, speedy assembly, convenient transport and easy storage will be high on your list. To coin a phrase, a 'beginner friendly' airplane is what you're looking for, and the Ares Alara is the perfect choice.
Supplied 100% factory-assembled, the Alara's advanced EPO airframe is both strong and light, while the rear-mounted motor protects the power system from inevitable heavy landings. Offering superb low-speed handling characteristics and a benign stall, this is an airplane that's been designed to look after you, give you time to react, and learn at a comfortable pace.
Technically advanced, the Alara incorporates a Hitec Red 2.4GHz radio system that's compatible with all current 2.4GHz Hitec aircraft transmitters. Moreover, to suit your needs, two convenient versions of the model are available, both incorporating Hitec Red protocol: choose either Ready-To-Fly (including a Hitec Red-enabled transmitter and receiver) or Pair-To-Fly (supplied with a Hitec Red receiver that's compatible with your existing Hitec transmitter). Every Alara comes with a powerful factory-installed motor and ESC, a quiet and efficient 6-blade propeller, quality servos, a 1500mAh 3S Li-Po battery, plus a DC balancing charger and AC adapter.
So, for first-time flyers looking to get started, the Alara checks off all the essential boxes. Sport flyers, meanwhile, will appreciate its gentle, glider-like characteristics and basic aerobatic ability. Make your dreams of R/C flight come true with an Ares Alara.
Wingspan (mm): 1380
Length (mm): 920
Weight (g): 620
R/C channels: 4
Factory assembled and practically ready to fly from the box.
Hitec Red enabled for assured, positive control.
Advanced EPO airframe is both impact resistant and light.
Brushless powertrain.
Quiet and efficient 6-blade propeller.
Gentle glider-like flying characteristics (perfect for learning)
Rear mounted motor offers protection from heavy landings.
Excellent flight duration.
Easy to store and transport.
Superb low-speed characteristics make it beginner-friendly.
What's In The Box
1 x Alara RTF airframe.
1 x 3S 11.1V 1500mAh Li-Po battery.
1 x 12V DC 3S Li-Po charger.
1 x Mains adapter.
4 x 9g servos (pre-installed).
1 x Hitec Red enabled receiver (pre-installed).
1 x 20A ESC (pre-installed)
What's Needed
1 x 5-channel (minimum) 2.4GHz Hitec or Hitec Red enabled transmitter. 
For those that don't have a Hitec transmitter you can use any other brand transmitter and receiver set

Customers Comments:-
I have bought two of these excellent gliders. They really are fantastic, so don't let the low price put you off. 
Everything you need (apart from the transmitter) is in the box, and they are really easy to assemble. 
Little trimming or fettling required!
Flying the Alara is lovely. My son and I fly them together. They are quite aerobatic, 
so loops rolls and inverted flight are all easy - but if you want to potter around, they're 
large enough to fly gently too. Windy days make them extra fun. Recommended.
Peter Clucas