Multiplex EasyGlider 4 RR - Radio Ready


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The easy-going and robust electric glider EasyGlider 4 with a 4-generation aileron. Its special strength is its easy to fly with a low basic speed and excellent glide angle.
According to the motto: "Evolution instead of revolution", this ELAPOR® classic has been reworked and comes as 100% Made in Germany.

The MULTIPLEX EasyGlider is a cult and is unmatched in its field. Therefore the EasyGlider 4 had to remain a true MULTIPLEX EasyGlider.

What's New:
• Wings with super-light and high-strength GRP square bar
• Stiff hull by M-Space technology
• Removable side and height control - easy transport
• RR version with glued landing
• Modern designed decorative bow with country cheek
• Efficient and lightweight ROXXY drive

The RR model is 100% finished and equipped with MULTIPLEX servos and ROXXY power set. Just install your own RC system, load a drive battery (3S 2200mAh Lipo ), insert wings and assemble the tail and the EasyGlider 4 is ready for use. No gluing is necessary.

The EasyGlider 4 is a fun model that excells with its thermal abilities and is great for basic aerobatics - loops, rolls etc 

- Wingspan: 1800 mm
- Length: 1080 mm
- Weight in flight approx. 1180 g
- Wing area (FAI) 41.6 dm2
- Functions Rudder, elevator,ailerons, throttle (spoilerons can be used if you radio allows - raising both ailerons)
- Engine: Roxxy C28-34-850 Kv
- Controller 720S Bec
- Propeller 9 x 6
- 2 tiny S servos and 2 nano S servos


- The model is fitted with motor, ESC & servos
- Decals ready applied & Detailed assembly instructions.

Additional items required:
- Transmitter & receiver (min 4 channel)
- Lipo battery 3S 2000-2200mah & suitable charger