Multiplex Extra 300S RR (Radio Ready)


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The full-size Extra 300 S is a single-seat aerobatic monoplane with a wingspan of 7.5 m. The prototype for our model is also sponsored by MULTIPLEX! Our compact ELAPOR® model looks superb as well as offering an outstanding aerobatic performance. Its lines are very accurate, and it features numerous scale details including rivets, dummy exhausts, a detailed cockpit and a scale colour scheme. The Extra 300 S is primarily intended for the classic aerobatic schedule, but is also capable of 3D manoeuvres. Positive and negative snap-rolls, knife-edge flight and flips are easily accomplished and very exciting. The 4S power system provides tremendous thrust for powerful vertical climbing ability.

Outstanding aerobatic capability
Realistic appearance with scale colour scheme, clear canopy and numerous details
All control surfaces attached using recessed ‘knuckle’ hinges
Detachable wings and tailplane
Flight time approx. 7 minutes (4S ~2600 mAh)

Wingspan: 1200 mm
Overall length: 1086 mm
All-up weight:1450 g
Control channels: 5
RC functions: Elevator, rudder, aileron, throttle
Flight time: approx. 7 minutes (4S ~2600 mAh)

Radio Ready Set Contents
ELAPOR® model, 100% factory-assembled, including PERMAX BL-O 3720-630 motor, MULTIcont BL-50 speed controller, 12 x 8” three-blade propeller, four MS-13020 servos, factory-applied painted finish, decals applied, comprehensive instructions.