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Multiplex Xeno Uni Glider Kit


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The Xeno is an elegant, high-quality flying wing, technical refined and offering excellent convenience as well as loads of fun. The model can be assembled in a single evening, and for transport the Xeno can simply be folded together along the centreline, and the fins removed. In addition we also offer the neat special transport bag (# 76 3317) which protects the model very well in transit and in storage. Rigging the model for launch takes just a few seconds, and the powered version can be converted to pure glider form in just a few moments.

Kit contents: All components required to build the glider and power variant. With 8 x 5 folding propeller, propeller driver for 3.2 and 4 mm shaft, all small items required, decal sheet and multi-lingual illustrated instructions.

  • Interesting detail solutions with many high-quality, injection-moulded plastic parts Strong
  • stable ELAPOR® components
  • Detachable / replaceable fins
  • Model folds in half for ease of transport
  • Glider and electric canopies included in the kit

Required to complete:-
Glider Version
2 x Tiny MG servos # 65122
Radio gear with delta mixing & receiver battery

Electric version as above, plus:
Xeno power set # 33 2658
(No receiver battery required)
3S 1000mAh to 1300mAh Lipo battery and suitable charger

Wingspan: 1245 mm
All-up weight, glider / electric approx.: 395 g / 460 g
Total surface area: 32 dm²
Wing loading: 12.5 to 14.5 g/dm²
RC functions: Elevator, aileron (delta mixer), optional throttle