Traxxas Aluminum PTFE-Coated Big Bore Shock Set 1/10th (4) TRX5862

Traxxas Shock Absorber Upgrade for Hoss / Slash / Rustler / Stampede & Bandit

For most Traxxas 1/10 scale Bandits, Rustlers, Rustler 4×4, Slash, Slash 4×4, Stampede and Hoss the first choice is the Traxxas Aluminum PTFE-Coated Big Bore Shock Set. This set gives a very good damping rate and the shocks have progressive rate springs which give great ride characteristics and handling. An even bigger improvement can be made […]

Model Railway Buildings – Plastic Kits

Are you considering making the buildings for your layout from plastic kits?  Here are a few pros and cons: Pros: Less expensive than ready made buildings. Can be finished with as much or little detailing as you like so they’re unique! Lots of choice You can start with a relatively easy kit and progress to […]

Traxxas 1/10 RC Truck Performance Upgrades

So you love your Traxxas RC Truck, but having used it for a while have decided you want better performance.  Great, an upgrade will depend on what truck you have.  We are going to talk about upgrades and you can pick and chose which would be suitable for you. The first thing we can talk […]

Model Railways – Metcalfe Card Kits

Metcalfe Card Construction kits are an inexpensive way to add detailed buildings to any rail layout.  They are available in both N gauge and 00 gauge. The buildings are made in Yorkshire.  They are printed using good quality colours on a decent weight card and are pre-cut helping you complete a neat build. The range […]

Tamiya DT-03 Racing Fighter and Neo Fighter Performance Upgrades

Tamiya DT-03 Racing Fighter and Neo Fighter Performance Upgrades

So you love your Tamiya Racing Fighter or Neo Fighter but just want it to go that bit quicker and handle better?  Well we all want that!! There are a number of things that can be done but let’s start with bearings.  Within the DT-03 kits Tamiya provide metal bushings and plastic bearings which work […]

Ultimate Tyres and Wheels for Your Traxxas Maxx

Ultimate Tyres and Wheels for Your Traxxas Maxx

Ever since the Traxxas Maxx hit the market people have wanted better tyres and wheels to improve grip and put the power down of this awesome truck. The Traxxas engineers have been working hard to develop such a tyre and wheel and have come up with the Traxxas Maxx Sledgehammer combo. The Ultra-rugged Sledgehammer tyres […]

Model Railway Buildings

Some railway modellers are happy to build their rail layout on a board and leave it at that, this is fine.  But why not make it a bit more interesting?   You could create your own town, countryside, industrial docklands – its your project, the only limiting factor is your imagination! After track, buildings are probably […]

What Power or Motor do I Need For An Electric RC Plane?

Many customers are confused when it comes to finding the right motor and power output for the plane they have just bought or built. This doesn’t have to be complicated, we came across this article below which explains the method of working this out. All you really need to know is the overall flying weight […]

tamiya shock absorbers

Tamiya Shock Absorber Upgrade for your RC Car or Truck

Many customers ask us “How can I upgrade the handling of my RC car/truck” And the first way to do this is with a better set of shock absorbers. But not just any shocks, you must have shocks with the correct amount of damping and spring rate for your car/truck. We see it far too […]