Multiplex Rockstar RR - Receiver Ready Aerobatic Bype


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Meet the MULTIPLEX ROCKSTAR an unlimited aerobatic biplane with looks to impress and performance to  put a smile on the most avid enthusiast. Manufactured using a hitec composite airframe of ply and Elapor foam, the Rockstar is built to take the rough with the smooth and with plenty of power from the installed Himax motor you’ll be the envy of your mates at the flying field.

This type of bipe is renowned for really wild manoeuvres such as positive and negative snap-rolls, spins and tumbles. 3D manoeuvres such as torque-rolls, harriers and power-rolling combinations are also well within the ROCKSTAR’s repertoire.

The MULTIPLEX model spans 1050 mm, and is built using a combination of Elapor® foam, carbon fibre, aluminium and M-Frame technology, producing such a strong, rigid airframe that it can shrug off anything the experienced RC pilot cares to throw at it.

With the ROCKSTAR 4S power system (RR version) the model has endless vertical climb capability, while the metal-geared Hitec servos - fitted as standard - provide solid, reliable control of its flightpath.

The detail design of the ROCKSTAR includes many extravagant features which set entirely new standards for this class of model: “M-Frame technology” guarantees an extremely strong fuselage, lightweight carbon (CFRP) tubes provide ultra-stiff wings, and the model is very simple and swift to rig thanks to its detachable wing and tail panels with their quick-release retainers.


The MULTIPLEX ROCKSTAR is a challenging model for the experienced RC pilot, and the reward is a gigantic fun factor.


• RR model: factory-assembled and painted, decals applied

• Airshow looks

• Chromed spinner

• “M-Frame technology” for a strong, rigid fuselage

• Powerful brushless electric motor

• Aluminium motor mount

• Hitec metal-geared servos (HS-82 MG)

• Quick-release wing retainers

• Detachable tailplane and fin
• Tinted canopy with dummy race pilot and detailed instrument panel

Set contents, RR:
ELAPOR® model, factory-assembled, including Himax 4220-0620 motor, MULTIcont BL-60 SD speed controller, 14" x 7" propeller, four Hitec HS-82 MG servos, decals applied. Comprehensive instructions.