Flyzone Sensei FS Receiver Ready (Rx-R) Trainer with WISE Flight Stabilization


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The Sensei FS electric trainer takes learning to fly to new levels of ease and excitement. The innovative WISE 3-axis stabilization system is just like having a flight instructor standing right next to you, ready to instantly take over if you lose control. A powerful brushless motor delivers the performance necessary for sport aerobatics as your skills improve, and the "drop-door" feature lets you deliver a "payload" of your choosing!

Mastering flight has never been easier! The WISE Flight Stabilization System automatically keeps your plane flying level, so you can learn at your own pace.

  • Beginner MODE: 
    Limited bank and pitch; just release sticks to return to neutral
  • Intermediate MODE: 
    More bank and pitch freedom; more maneuverability
  • Advanced MODE:
    Fly on your own, without limits
  • Bailout Switch;
    Automatically returns plane to level flight anytime, in any mode
Tail Assembly
Wing Assembly
Battery Hatch
The tail section aligns itself automatically and is secured with just one screw.   The wing halves slide together onto a tube and are secured with two bolts.   A hatch in the top of the plane provides easy access to the battery.
Drop Door
Sensei FS in Action
Star Plug
Operate the "drop-door" from the 5th channel of your radio for in-flight deployment of a parachute or other creative payloads!

Do you already have a favorite radio that you like flying with? Use it to pilot the Sensei FS Receiver-Ready version! The Rx-R assembles just as easily as the RTF, while offering you the flexibility to install your choice of receiver and battery. All onboard gear is already in place, so you'll be in the air that much quicker. And the WISE stabilization system is compatible with all brands of transmitter!


Rx-R features:

  • AeroCell™ foam airframe with molded-in detail and pre-applied trim scheme
  • WISE 3-axis flight stabilization system
  • Simple, screw-together assembly — no gluing required
  • Factory-installed motor, ESC & servos
  • Steerable nose gear