OS Max GGT10 Petrol Engine


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For modelers wanting the convenience of gasoline power for their .40-size airplane, O.S. offers the GGT10. Glow plug ignition makes this engine easier to start — along with reducing overall weight by eliminating the ignition module. It performs well using affordable unleaded gasoline, and the PD-08 pump regulates fuel flow for consistent delivery throughout the flight. Plus, it can be retrofitted in the same space as popular AX glow engines. For powering mid-size aircraft efficiently and economically, the GGT10 is the ideal choice.

  • Easy, glow-driver starting eliminates the added cost and extra weight of ignition modules and batteries.
  • Offers the easy availability and welcome affordability of common unleaded gasoline.
  • Included PD-08 regulating pump ensures consistent fuel flow and top performance regardless of tank position, attitude or altitude.
  • Runs on an inexpensive 50:1 gasoline/oil blend.
  • Tough Tygon® fuel line between pump and carb features an inline filter that removes impurities.
  • PowerBoost Pipe improves performance at idle, full-throttle and all points in-between.
  • Includes muffler mounting hardware, drive hub, prop nut and washer.
  • Forged steel conrod features needle bearings at the bottom.
  • Same mount size as the 46AX and 55AX for easy retrofits.