Graupner mz-12 Pro 12 Channel Transmitter


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The little Allrounder

With 12 control functions and 250 model memories, the system allows you to control numerous models, whether it is flight, helicopter, copter, car or boat.

We have relied on our proven HoTT 2.4GHz transmission technology with ultra-fast response time, which ensures the highest functional reliability through the bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver. The telemetry integrated in the system provides the possibility of voice output of switching states, warnings and, of course, telemetry data output by the build in speakers or headphones. In addition, the voice output itself can be personalized. The simple and clear arranged menu is beginner friendly, but offers all possibilities for experienced pilots.

The new 6-channel receiver Falcon 12, which is included in the set, has an absolutely compact and modern design and is packed with features and functions. It can be used as a flybarless system for helicopters, as a flight controller for copter, or as a gyro system for airplane models.


Microcomputer remote control system in the latest 2.4 GHz Graupner HoTT technology
Bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver
Wireless T/P function
Joystick function via MicroUSB cable for training at the flight simulator without additional dongels
5 different languages ''(German, English, French, Italian and Spanish) via software updates possible. For availability of the corresponding language, see download area.
Predefined model memories e.g. Alpha 110, Alpha 250Q, Alpha 300, Hornet 250, XCELL 220 and Versacopter
Model memory can be stored and loaded via PC
7 switchable language outputs
10 user-selectable language outputs selectable
Model types: fixed-wing, helicopter, copter, car and boat
Charge of the internal 1500 mAh LiPo battery via micro-USB connection to 5
V DC USB 500 mA with charging indicator when the transmitter is switched off.
Special software for copter: 8 channels for GPS functions or additional switching functions available in Copter
Servo cycle times selectable for digital servos of 10ms
Ultra fast reaction times through direct transmission of the data from the main processor to the 2.4 GHz transceiver with reliable transmission. No additional delays by detours via a module processor.
Integrated antenna
intuitive operation and programming
A contrasting blue illuminated graphic display ensures perfect control of the setting parameters such as model type, model memory, clocks and the operating voltage.
12 control functions
Model types fixed-wing models: 1AI, 1AI 1FL, 2AI, 2AI 1FL, 2AI 2FL
Free allocation of all switches
250 model memory
5 switches / push buttons, of which 3 3-position switches, 1 2-step switch, 1 push-button, 1 analog rotary encoder
Mode 1 to 4 freely selectable
Key-lock function against unintended operation.
Change display from the main menu to the telemetry main menu with ESC.
Numerous telemetry display, programming and evaluation functions directly on the transmitter display
2 flight phases programmable
Swash plate limiter
Servo travel adjustment for all servo channels and end point separately adjustable for each channel
Sub trim for setting the neutral position of all servos
2-stage expo- / dual-rate system, individually adjustable, switchable during the flight
Throttle curve
Mixing functions (5 linear mixers and 4 curve mixers)
Programmable fail-safe function "Hold" or "Move to preset positions" can be set separately for each individual servo channel
Stopwatches / Countdown timer with alarm function
Model copy function for model memory
Data formats on the data socket: Telemetry, Bluetooth, CRSF V2 unidirectional

Included manual and firmware:

Radio Control mz-12 PRO
Transmitter Battery LiPo 1500 mAh 5,55 Wh
Quick manual (Part 1)
Programming manual (Part 2) download

NEW: Safety:
FHSS, frequency hopping over up to 75 channels
Maximum interference immunity through optimised frequency hopping, wider channel spread and antenna diversification
Intelligent data transfer including error correction
Extremely wide range
Range test and warning function
Undervoltage warning
Extremely wide receiver operating voltage range of 3.6 V to 8.4 V (functional up to 2.5 V)
Numerous fail-safe functions

Shorter response times can be set (10 ms period time)
No additional delays due to module processors All hopping management is handled directly by the 32 bit main processor.
Synchronous servo operation made possible by simultaneous control of servo outputs in blocks of 4

Pilot feeling:

Essentially delay-free control responses due to direct processing
Real-time telemetry evaluation
Wireless teacher/pupil function

Other features:

Simple and extremely fast binding
Free channel assignment (channel mapping), transmitter and receiver mixer functions and all servo settings are simple to program
Update capability via USB interface


Control function: 12
Width [mm]: 259 mm
Height [mm]: 96 mm
Temperature range [°C] : -10...+55 °C
All-up weight [g]: 590 g
Frequency : 2400...2483,5 MHz
Range approx. [m] : 4000 m
Overall length [mm]: 184 mm
Dimensions [LxWxH in mm]: 184 x 259 x 96 mm
Modulation: FHSS
Current consumption [mA]: 250 mA
Operating voltage neutral [V] : 3,4...4,35 V