Graupner Brushless Speed 600


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Low speed, high torque

The new Graupner Brushless Speed engine series was developed specifically for model boats. The engines have very low speeds, but high torque, they are an excellent alternative to brush motors since they remain much cooler during operation and consume less power and are very efficient.
The motors also have 3.5 or 4 mm connectors
Fastening cross and precision aluminum spinner. This means that the motors can also be used in scale flight operations.

Product specifications

Low KV values from 200 U / Volt
High quality
Fine tuning from 400 to 800 KV size
Fastening material, clamping cone and connector already included.
Designed for ships and scale aircraft as an alternative to brush motors

Included in the set

Gold plug 3,5 and 4mm with counterpart
Clamping cone aluminum with steel insert
Axle cross for fixing

recommended accessoires

Burshless ESC
Connector for motor shaft
Width [mm]: 28 mm
Operating voltage range [V]: 4 - 12 V
Weight approx. [g]: 73 g
Height [mm]: 28 mm
Weight [g]: 73 g
Free shaft length [mm]: 23 mm
Number of poles: 14 
Diameter [mm]: 3,17 mm
Overall length [mm]: 44,5 mm
Nominal voltage [V]: 7,4 V
Case length: 34 mm
Shaft diameter [mm]: 3,17 mm
Case diameter: 28 mm
Revolutions / Volt [kV]: 600