Graupner Compact 345Z Brushless Motor


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GRAUPNER COMPACT motors are brushless external rotor motors. All of the motors in this series impress with huge torque and demonstrate their full potential for power and performance in direct drive.
The design principle behind the COMPACT motors succeeds in combining a compact motor housing with optimum power to weight ratio.
Motors with the addition of a "Z" in their designation are equipped with an extensive range of accessories as standard. (See fade-in photo.) Other types of motor are supplied with compatible retaining screws. 
Motor name
All motors in this series are brushless external rotor motors

Motor size
Housing length in this case 34.5 mm

Nominal voltage
Guide value for the number of cells of the battery, in this case 2 LiPo cells

Supplementary designation
"Z" with accessory
"VA" with hollow shaft for variable shift propeller
"F" motor with short design
"H" for model helicopters

Plug connector: G3,5 
Connecting plug : G3,5 
Magnet : Neodym 
Operating voltage range [V]: 7,4 - 11,1 V
Width o.a. [mm]: 34,5 mm
No-load speed [rpm]: 11100 U/min
Weight approx. [g]: 105 g
Height [mm]: 35,5 mm
LiPo battery, Order No. : 7638.2G3,5 
Weight [g]: 105 g
Free shaft length [mm]: 17 mm
Recommended controller: 7224 
Max. output at nominal voltage [W]: 148 W
Thrust in N (1 N = 100 g) : 10 
Number of poles: 14 
Diameter [mm]: 35,5 mm
Overall length [mm]: 51,5 mm
Permissible motor direction : CW / CCW 
Nominal voltage [V]: 7,4 V
Case length: 34,5 mm
Recommended propeller: 1341.25.15 
Shaft diameter [mm]: 3,17 mm
Max. charging rate [A]: 30 A
Revolutions / Volt [kV]: 1500 
Brand: Graupner 
Field of application: Aircraft