ZTW UBEC 6 Amp 2-6S Input


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A UBEC is needed if your Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) does not have a built in Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC). Theres also a requirement to fit a UBEC where the ESCs BEC is inadequate to power the number and / or size of servos being used. The ZTW UBEC range satisfies this requirement by supporting continuous simultaneous servo operations, thus eliminating the possibility of overloading your speed controllers BEC during periods of high peak demand (as might be experienced during extreme aerobatics).
Key Features
Switch mode
Easy to set up and install.
Battery polarity reversal protection.
Electromagnetic interference reduction ensures optimum receiver performance.
LED status indicator.
Output: Adjustable 5V / 5.5V / 6V at 12A
Input voltage: 6 - 25V
Output current: 6A continuous / 12A burst
Size (mm): 45 x 23 x 10
Weight (g): 18