Multiplex FunJet ULTRA 2 Kit - 1-00981


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The famous Multiplex FunJet Ultra evolves in version 2 ! New structural elements, new decoration ... Intense piloting for experienced drivers!

Kit FunJet ULTRA 2 Contents (# 1-00981):
ELAPOR® parts for fuselage, wings, empennage, canopy, wing CFK, plastic canopy in color, aluminum engine mount, all small parts needed for assembly, board high-quality pre-cut stickers, detailed instructions. 
(EAN: 4059818009817)

Kit Version Requires:
FunJet ULTRA 2 propulsion set (100962) 
2 x HS-65HB Servos

2 x 200mm Extension leads
Transmitter with elevon mixing & Reciever
2600mAh / 2700mAh 4S LiPo Battery with a 45 C rating or greater & Suitable Charger