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Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RR - 1-00846


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The AcroMaster PRO is the logical evolution of Multiplex's very popular Acromaster, introduced in 2006. It sees improvements in may areas but Multiplex have been true to the design of the original. So the appearance of the AcroMaster PRO is familiar at first glance, but still completely new and fresh.

With all of these changes, the AcroMaster PRO is better than ever before. Due to its easy flight characteristics and its aerobatic versatility it is ideal for a relaxing get-away flight or for perfecting aerobatic routines. Like its predecessor, the AcroMaster PRO is designed as an all-rounder. This means that you can fly both precise and classic aerobatics, as well as 3D. For learning aerobatics and as a training machine for ambitious aerobatic pilots the AcroMaster PRO is just perfect!

Key Features
  • Newly designed decal sheet available in two colour versions (not included with the RR model)
  • New engine mount and support design
  • New battery tray and velcro attachment system
  • New fuselage design allowing all servos and leads to be internal
  • New Undercarriage made of anodised aluminium
  • New wing locking mechanism
  • Very powerful and efficient ROXXY motor and ESC
  • Cabin cover pre-painted
  • Wingstabi mounting surface integrated in the fuselage
What's in the Box
  • 1x Elapor ready built Acromaster (in white)
  • 1x Roxxy C35-48-990kv motor
  • 1x Roxxy ESC BL-Control 755 S-BEC
  • 1x Propeller 12x6
  • 2x HS-82MG servos (elevator & rudder)
  • 2x HS-65HB servos (ailerons)
Technical Specifications
Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight 2.94kg 6.48lbs
Product Length 1,150mm 45.28in
Product Wingspan 1,100mm 43.31in
Product Wing Area 37dm2 567.30in2
Completion Level RR
Experience Level Intermediate-Advanced
Material Elapor