SPE 43cc Petrol Engine


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The SPE 2 stroke range of engines are simple and reliable units with incredible performance for there size and weight. They are supplied with a Walbro carburetor, exhaust and engine standoffs.

They feature an electronic ignition system that advances the ignition timing as the engine RPM increases. This insures a retarded ignition timing at low RPM for easy starts, and good low-end engine performance and advanced timing at high RPM for good high-end power.

Features include:
Ignition module is water resistant and vibration proof.
Ignition module runs on any 5 cell NiCad (6V) or 2S LiPoly (7.4V) battery pack.
The current consumption is approximately 200mah.

These gas engines comes with a side muffler, auto advance electronic ignition system, aluminum standoffs, spark plug, mounting template, instructions, and socket tool.

Displacement: 2.4ci (43CC)
Configuration: 2C single cylinder air cooled
Carburetor: Walbro pump
Ignition: CDI Electronic w/ Auto timing advance
Engine Weight: 3.2 lbs (51oz)
Max Output: 3.4 BHP
Max RPM: 9000, 1300 idle
Props Range: 18x8 ~ 21x8
Muffler: yes