ACS 25A Brushless ESC


ACS 25A Brushless ESC


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ACS Series of brushless RC speed controllers (ESC)
Battery power support at 2~6S of LiPo batteries.

Programmable Settings:

RC ESC detects cell count and sets cutoff for 3v/cell – Lipo e.g 12v cutoff/4S Lipo pack
RC ESC detects cell count and sets cutoff to 50% power for 0.88v/cell – Nicad or Nimh

Brake Type:
5 settings soft to hard, suitable from general use to helicopters and 3D competition aircraft

Throttle Type:
4 settings: Auto, 55% RPM range, 70% RPM range, 85% RPM range.

Timing Advance:
3 settings power – to efficiency


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