Multiplex EasyStar 3 RR – MPX1-01500



Multiplex EasyStar 3 RR – MPX1-01500


Product Code: MPX1-01500
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EASYSTAR 3 – Flying can be so easy

The EasyStar is the ideal entry-level model – quickly built and easy to control. You can learn to fly wonderfully with this “Star”, which has received multiple awards from the experts.

It has excellent gliding properties and with the recommended 3s 2200mAh ROXXY battery, up to 40 minutes of flight time can be achieved without thermals.

Thanks to the rear-facing, protected motor, it can handle rough landings. It draws attention with its striking design, and the long success story of the Easystar, with which today’s professionals have started, speaks for itself.

We have continued to develop and improve it to this day. We have equipped the current version of the Easystar with robust metal gear servos on all control functions. At the same time, we have equipped the new Easystar 3 with ailerons that are ready for operation.

This means that beginners can learn to control all axes from the start. The advanced pilot will be happy about the agility gained. Get started with the Easy Star 3.

RR EasyStar 3 includes foam parts fully assembled, decorative sheet applied, rudder, elevator and aileron servos ready fitted, with drive set installed # 1-01657