Multiplex Flight Data Recorder


Multiplex Flight Data Recorder


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The FlightRecorder is connected to the receiver or a sensor, and records the sensor values generated via the MSB system on a micro SD card. This data (.csv) can be displayed and analysed on a PC using Excel or LogView. The recording process can be started and stopped from the transmitter. If used with the MULTIPLEX GPS unit the Flight Recorder allows the model’s flight path to be displayed on GoogleEarth.

Also, if you simply connect the Flightrecorder and a GPS unit to a reciever battery, this can be placed in any model, regardless of the radio system used, and it will record the total trip for viewing the data later.

• Micro SD card: 2GB

• Extremely small: 38 X 17 x 7 mm

• Extremely light: 10 g


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