Multiplex MULTIGyro G3


Multiplex MULTIGyro G3


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The MULTIGyro G3 has been developed specifically for RC fixed-wing model aircraft, and automatically stabilises the model. You instantly fly more accurately and safely!

The model's familiar flying characteristics are virtually unchanged, but it flies much more smoothly, more precisely, and is less susceptible to weather-induced and aerodynamic influences.

The triple-axis stabilisation system is suitable for all current types of fixed-wing aircraft, including: normal aeroplanes, V-tail, delta / flying wing.

A special feature of the MULTIGyro G3 is its three modes of operation. The gyro can be switched between OFF, Normal (damping) and Heading-Hold (stabilisation) from the transmitter using a vacant channel. Normal mode virtually eradicates the effect of wind and turbulence on the model (wind eliminator), whereas Heading-Hold mode enables the model to maintain the last commanded flight attitude until the pilot gives a further control command.

Torque-rolls and hovering become child's play – provided that motor power is sufficient.

Gyro gain can be adjusted separately for each primary axis (elevator, rudder and aileron) on the device itself. In this way the model can be set up accurately to suit your preference.

Installing the MULTIGyro G3 could hardly be simpler, and only takes a few mintues.

Set contents: MULTIGyro G3, 2 self-adhesive pads, 4 connecting leads, 5-language instructions

Tip for SMART SX

If your model has a V-tail, or is a delta or flying wing, installing a MULTIGyro G3 allows you to fly it using the SMART SX!

• Triple-axis gyro system, specifically for RC fixed-wing model aircraft
• Suitable for all current RC systems
• Selectable model type: standard fixed-wing, delta or flying wing, V-tail
• Modes switchable at the transmitter (OFF, normal, heading-hold)
• Variable gyro gain, individual and without PC
• Small and light (47 x 33 x 14 mm, 11 g)