Multiplex Souffleur



Multiplex Souffleur


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The universal speech output generator for M-LINK telemetry systems.

The Souffleur is a compact speech output device for telemetry data and vario tones. It is looped into the radio link between the telemetry-capable receiver in the model and the radio control system. No cable connection to the transmitter is required, so the Souffleur is highly versatile, and can be used with complete freedom. The Souffleur can be used with any M-LINK transmitting device, an HFMx M-LINK transmitter module or the new SMART SX and PROFI TX. Binding is only required once. The Souffleur also makes you independent of platform-specific smart-phone arrangements.

• High-quality earphone
• Variable volume
• Excellent sound quality for accurate reproduction of vario tones from gliders
• Languages: German and English (other languages in preparation)

Can be configured with complete freedom
• Optimised factory default settings make the unit ready for immediate use
• Selective speech output / announcements: very simple to set up using a PC, for complete freedom. A USB PC lead (UNI) # 8 5149 is required in order to use our freeware MULTIPLEX Launcher with five typical model telemetry configurations.
• Data announcements:
– Manual control (via transmitter control function)
– Time-controlled
-Threshold value-controlled

IOAT (Integrated Optimized Antenna Technology)
• New, fully integrated receive aerial with reception characteristics optimised for this application

• Elegant design
• Versatile mounting facilities:
– Shirt / jacket pocket
– Clip for fitting to transmitter neckstrap
– Can be hung round the neck on a lanyard
• Absence of cable connection to the transmitter for maximum freedom of movement

Modern LiFePO4 transmitter battery
• Long operating time: 14 hr
• Integral charger in the Souffleur
• Can be recharged from a PC using Mini-USB socket (included in the set)